Protection from electromagnetice radiation for ladies

Blouses, trousers, T-shirts, sweat shirts
Blouses in Swiss Shield, T-shirts in new, coloured organic cotton-silver knit, trousers in stainless steel mesh and cotton
Ladies Capri Pants Stainless Steel Fabric with Cotton 37dB at 3.5GHz
Women's stainless steel and cotton capri pants protect 99.9%, 37dB at 3.5GHz
140,00 CHF
140,00 CHF per piece
Ladies' T-shirt black organic cotton with Silver Knit
T-Shirt for protection from EMF radiation of all kinds at all times with the special silver knit of organic cotton and silver.
69,50 CHF
69,50 CHF per piece
Ladies Long Sleeve T-Shirt antique Pink Organic Cotton Silver Knit 29dB at 1GHz - XL and XXL
Ladies long-sleeved T-shirt in organic cotton antique pink. Protects 97.5% at 5G.
125,00 CHF
125,00 CHF per piece
Ladies Dress Swiss Shield Ultima Nature Length 83cm Bust 88cm Cotton Lined
Ladies dress natural colour with Swiss Shield Ultima. Protection from all kinds of electromagnetic radiation with the best protecting cotton fabric Swiss Shield Ultima. Outer fabric: Swiss Shield Ultima, lining fabric: cotton. Only this one size available: Length: 83cm, Bust: 98cm, Shoulder width: 41cm Sleeve length: 35cmProtects 99.8% at 5G.
190,00 CHF
190,00 CHF per piece
Ladies Blouse Swiss Shield Ultima Lined Length 65cm Bust 120cm
Protection from electromagnetic  radiation of all kinds by the best protecting cotton fabric Swiss Shield Ultima. Outer fabric: 100% polyester, lining fabric: Swiss Shield Ultima. Only this one size available: Length: 65m, Bust: 120cm, Sleeve length: 37cm. Protects 99.8% at 5G.
180,00 CHF
180,00 CHF per piece
Poncho for office, leisure Swiss Shield Evolution
Ideal, comprehensive electromagnetic protection in all areas of life. Swiss Shield Evolution is transparent and protects 98% at 5G
390,00 CHF
390,00 CHF per piece
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