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Hats, scarves, socks, gloves - all with EMF protection from different fabrics.
Scarf 80x240cm Swiss Shield ULTIMA natural colour 32dB at 3.5GHz
All-purpose scarf made of Swiss Shield Ultima for universal use: in the office, when travelling, when sleeping, during leisure time, etc.
125,00 CHF
125,00 CHF per piece
Poncho organic satin lined with Swiss Shield Ultima 32dB at 3.5GHz - cherry
Poncho Satin lined with Swiss Shield Ultima. Shielding: 32dB at 3.5GHz (5G) = 99.9%
280,00 CHF
280,00 CHF per piece
Mittens WAVESAFE Extreme Safe 82dB at 3.5GHz
Mittens in Extreme Safe (82dB at 3.5GHz (5G). Lined with satin organic cotton. One size fits all.
35,00 CHF
Radiation Head protection from sweatshirt fabric silver and organic cotton 45dB at 1GHz
Shielding head protector made of organic cotton sweat shirt fabric and for the nose-mouth opening Swiss Shield Evolution. Ideal for travelling or resting at home. Thanks to 2-layer processing, this head protection has a very high shielding of 41dB at 5G (3.5GHz).
75,00 CHF
Head protection Silver Net 48dB at 1GHz, 45dB at 3.5GHz
Head protection made of silver mesh. 45dB at 3.5GHz
115,00 CHF
115,00 CHF per piece
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