Shielded Lamps

Our shielded luminaires do not generate any electromagnetic fields due to the sophisticated shielding by the Danell company. All luminaires are carefully crafted and of high quality. Beautiful designs without electrosmog.
Table lamp shielded adjustable approx. 50cm steel with Swiss plug
Table lamp adjustable shielded approx. 50cm, steel with Swiss plug
250,00 CHF
Replacement halogen bulb G9 clear 230V 200ml 33-60W
Halogen bulb G9 230V, 200ml, 2000h as replacement bulb for our lamps.
7,50 CHF
Replacement bulb LED flicker-free G9 5.5W
LED replacement bulb flicker-free - G9, 5.5 W
22,50 CHF
Headlamp (for reading under the canopy) 8 LED incl. 3x AAA batteries
Practical, lightweight headlamp, for reading under the canopy.
8,50 CHF
8,50 CHF per piece
Lantern 100ml as bedside lamp incl. batteries
Beautiful, bright lamp as a bedside lamp under the canopy.
15,00 CHF
15,00 CHF per piece
Electrical kit shielded - for conversion of existing ceiling lights into shielded lights
Electrical kit for converting ceiling lights into shielded lights.
135,00 CHF
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