Protection from electromagnetic radiation at home, at sleep and while travelling

Duvet- and mattress covers, blankets
Duvet covers and mattress pads made of Swiss Shield Ultima: an inexpensive way to protect yourself in bed from electromagnetic radiation.
Blankets made of organic cotton and silver knitted fabric: protects 23dB at 5G in leisure time, while travelling, in the car, plane - everywhere.
Duvet Cover 160x210cm Swiss Shield ULTIMA 32dB at 3.5GHz
Duvet cover 160x210cm Swiss Shield UTLIMA and organic cotton
285,00 CHF
285,00 CHF per piece
Duvet Cover 200x210cm Swiss Shield ULTIMA 32dB at 3.5GHz
Duvet cover 200x210cm Swiss Shield ULTIMA and organic cotton
Shielding: 32dB at 3.5GHz (5G) = 99.9%
295,00 CHF
295,00 CHF per piece
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